Since its founding, Hopebearer Foundation has been committed to helping people in need. Driven by Christian values of gratitude and charity, our mission is to give people both at home in Germany and around the world a hope and a future; an opportunity to live into their God-given potential.

We partner with local, regional, and international agencies, and we leverage our expertise in social work, long-lasting economic development and transformational building projects to bring impactful and sustainable hope and change to individuals, families and communities.


More than 14 million children around the world have lost one or both parents to prison. One million of them live in poverty in hard-to-reach communities, and are in danger of slavery, sex-trafficking, child labor and violence.

These children suffer due to their immense poverty and a lack of or non-existent social systems in some of the poorest countries in the world.

No child should have to live this way. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of these innocent children through a unique sponsorship program that protects and supports them. As they receive hope, so they become hope.


A lot of people come to Germany in search of protection and safety. We welcome them into our midst. For that reason, we have established our Houses of Hope, an innovative housing program where refugees and locals live together.

Through this targeted outreach, these vulnerable people will receive support and service, ultimately enabling them to establish a solid foundation and begin to build a new life.

This program is implemented at several locations in Baden-Wurttemberg already, and it is growing rapidly.


No one is born an offender. People become victims and offenders at the same time. Our society does not rehabilitate people who are convicted of crime. Once released, most will re-offend within five years.

We are committed to help those who don’t have a good initial situation and who are caught in the cycle of crime and addictions. By “Restorative Justice” we focus on a comprehensive approach of the penal system.

Restorative Justice repairs the harm caused by crime by emphasizing accountability, forgiveness, and making amends. When victims, offenders, and community members meet to decide how to do that, the result are transformational.

This approach has been shown to reduce costs within the criminal justice system, lower repeat offender rates, reduce post-traumatic stress in victims of crime, and increase the number of cases brought to justice.


Dagmar Bürle


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